Mosaic Beach

This week’s mosaic is more of a collage.  My husband and I spent the last several days in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and collected these shells, rocks, coral, and beach glass.  I created this picture of a palm tree, butterfly, and sun using these items as well as adding in some of the smaller shells and coral we found.  I used clear silicone glue to adhere these to a navy blue ceramic tile.  My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our first time there and miss it already.  Can’t wait to go back!

mosaic beach

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Happy Anniversary

Last Monday was the anniversary of the day I met my husband 27 years ago.  The mosaic I made is to honor that day with a heart carved into a tree with our initials in the center.  I used blue and two shades of brown metallic glass tile, a few alphabet beads, and a heart bead in the center.  I grouted with white grout and painted the grout with brown for the tree and blue for the sky using a technique I learned this weekend at Tile Camp.  I repurposed a 5 inch by 5 inch  picture frame and made the mosaic on the glass.  And it will sit in a place of honor to remember our special day!  Happy Anniversary Tom!

mosaic tree w heart

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Happy Birthday America

The flag I made this week is larger than my usual 4 inch by 4 inch.  This base is 6 x 9 inches and is a repurposed piece of old shelving.  I used blue glass star shaped beads, white marble tile, and clear glass tiles which I glued red scrapbook paper under for the red stripes.  The white glass beads in the center of the stars were doubled up to give me the height I needed between the stars, as they are quite thick.  I used white grout for the background.   And although Independence Day has passed, we can celebrate our freedom every day!  Happy Birthday America!


mosaic flag

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Blossom & Butterfly

I used a purple tile I made in tile making class for the blossom in this week’s mosaic.  A set of cookie/canape cutters in various sizes were pressed into the clay to make the design.  The butterfly and flowers stem and leaves are blue and green metallic glass and the surrounding tiles are blue and green glass tile.  This is my favorite combination of colors!

mosaic blossom & butterfly

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Mosaic Flower Vase

For this week’s mosaic flower vase, I used flowers from a vase my grandson “found” for me.  The vase was chipped but I managed to salvage the flower bouquet and one bird (of two), which I’ll use in another mosaic.  The paint on the flowers and leaves rubbed off some as I grouted, but I still love the overall look.  I used dark purple and cream ceramic tile to surround the flowers and the vase, which is from a broken china plate.   I grouted with khaki green grout, my new favorite neutral.

mosaic flower vase

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Mosaic Bird

I made the blue and orange bird tile used in this week’s mosaic in tile making class.  Surrounding the bird are more pieces of the china I used in my teacup mosaics, in shades of orange, yellow, and green.  I like how the floral design of the china makes the bird seem so whimsical! I grouted with white grout and I think it shows off all the colors well.

mosaic bird







And here is the silhouette, grouted, from last week.  I used cerulean blue grout.  I love the way the blues work together!

mosaic silhouette 1

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This was a very busy week with my class graduating and other work matters to deal with, so I didn’t get a chance to grout my mosaic.  I chose a silhouette tile I made in tilemaking class and blue glass tile to surround it.  I’ll grout this weekend and show the finished project along with next week’s post.

I’ve always loved the formal look of a silhouette!

mosaic silhouette

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This week’s mosaic is an infinity symbol.  To me it represents the contiuum of life and its cycles that are never ending.  It seems appropriate as this school year is ending (Friday)and I’m already thinking about September’s class!

I used blue glass tiles for the infinity and white glass beads and glass tiles for the background.  I grouted in dark gray.

mosaic infinity


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Color Block

I was playing with small square glass tiles in red, blue, green, yellow, and white and came up with this week’s mosiac, a color block design that reminds me of Mondrian’s art.

mosaic color block

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My Initial, By Tom

I’m using a ceramic tile that my husband made when we took our first tile-making class a few years ago.  (I happened to find it while looking through my supplies.)  He made this tile with my initial on it, among other things.  I thought I would play up the orange by surrounding it with orange ceramic tile pieces and grouted it with terra cotta colored grout.  Thanks, Tom, for the inspiration this week!  And thanks for all your help with my mosaic projects!

mosaic orange s

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